Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ocean Genome Legacy can help Gloucester get local Seafood "Branded and Bar Coded" creating locally sourced awareness

Ever wish that when you bought wild seafood there was a label or it saying where it was caught or even if it had a specific brand name like Gloucester Haddock or Cape Ann Lobster. It is actually something we are going to see in the coming years. Wild Seafood branded by place or area it was caught. The idea is to have local Seafood Barcoded and in essence, branded,  with seal of approval like "Guaranteed Gloucester Seafood" is not something new and the idea is kicked around enough to have some legs.

During the 2nd Annual Maritime Summit in Gloucester, MA it was discussed a lot because one of the Exhibitors for the event, Ocean Genome Legacy" has the ability to organize a bar coding system for local Seafood as part of what they do. 

OGL (Ocean Genome Legacy) is a nonprofit agency in  Ipswich, MA which uses FDA approved methods and guidelines allowing for specific seafood label markets and genres. OGL SpeciesCheck is a state of the art scientific method for identifying animal species using mitochondrial DNA barcode analysis for seafood and restaurant industries,government, researchers, and consumers for identification of fish species.

Did you know that substituted and mislabeled seafood is a violation of Federal Law? But up to now, how could anyone tell the difference?

Creating a local Seafood brand would go a long way in boosting the awareness of buying locally from Gloucester.

For More Information on this company:
Ocean Genome Legacy
240 County Rd
Ipswich, MA 01938

photo and blogging by:
Melissa Abbott
Director Sales and Marketing
Seaport Grille
Gloucester Marine Terminal
Cruiseport Gloucester
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