Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sea Sciences - The Aquatic Pick Up Truck for Marine Instrumentation

Sea Sciences, great local Maritime company, exhibited at the recent Maritime Summit in Gloucester, MA. They come from Arlington, MA and have developed a versatile towed vehicle called "The Acrobat" which is the most field usable tow body system available. It can be used in Pollution Monitoring, Marine Nutrient Analyses, Chemical Measurements, Plankton ID, Bottom Surveys using the latest acoustic and camera technologies, Water Sampling, and Dispersion Mapping during Dredging. The system has also been used for NASA Satellite Ground Truthing. 

Dirk Casagrande demonstates how the Acrobat works at
2nd Annual Maritime Summit at Cruiseport Gloucester

The company is owned by two brothers, Chris and Dirk Casagrande. They said this technology was used extensively during the Gulf Oil Spill to monitor pollution. Texas A&M University used it in very shallow waters with good success but it can also be used in depths up to 100 meters.

The Acrobat

The Acrobat system can be tailored ot a customers maritime needs and modifications can be made for controlling the software.  The Acrobat can maintain a constant depth and there can be manual override of the computer control. This type of system is used extensively in mapping ocean floors.

For more information contact:
Sea Sciences
40 Massachusetts Ave.
Arlington, MA 02474

Story and Photos by:

Melissa Abbott
Director Sales and Marketing
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